Branding Goals From Clothes Minded

Goals to success for Clothes Minded 

1) Come up with a brand idea.

2) Develop the idea and decide on a name.

3) Revise the brand idea through multiple developmental stages.

4) Establish a solid brand identity.

5) Develop product ideas based on the brand identity.

6) Produce multiple products to form a collection.

7) Promote your new brand and its new collection before its release.

8) Release the collection to the public online.

9) Escalate promotion of your brand.

10) Media outlets announce your new brand.

11) Your brand develops a fan base and customer base.

12) Continue to promote your brand in any way possible.

13) Whether or not your first collection was a big success, design and produce a new collection within 2-5 months.

14) Repeat steps 7 through 13 as many times as necessary until you begin to catch the attention of retail shops.

15) Create a wholesale catalog displaying all your products along with purchasing information.

16) Send your catalog to potential retailers.

17) Sell your t-shirts to retailers in bulk at wholesale prices.

18) Continue supplying your worldwide fan base through online product sales.

19) Repeat all previous steps until you can afford to exhibit at major clothing trade shows to attract even more retail shops.

20) Open up your own retail shop to sell your products face-to-face with your customer base.

21) Experience an immense increase in revenue as you sell your merchandise through multiple channels.


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