Mark Cuban Wants to Make the NBA Playoffs Longer by Including 10 Teams Per Conference

The NBA Playoffs are great and all. But do we really need them to be longer than they already are?

Mark Cuban thinks so, which is why he recently proposed the idea of adding two more teams to each NBA conference's playoffs. Rather than eight teams making it, ten teams would qualify for the postseason every year. In his mind, this would help teams who suffer injuries during the regular season, make the regular season even more competitive, and eliminate tanking. 

What do you think? In theory, more NBA Playoffs = better. But we don't know about this. It would involve giving teams byes, allowing .500 teams and even below-.500 teams to get into the playoffs, and frankly, it'd probably just make some teams (we're looking at you, Sixers!) tank even harder than they already do. So thanks, but no thanks. If it ain't broken...

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