All-White Nike SF Air Force 1 Will Be Debuted at ComplexCon

ComplexCon is going to be an IRL convergence of all the pieces that make up the culture we write about a live on a daily basis. Sneakers are often the glue that connects people with an interest in streetwear, hip-hop, and skate culture, so it's a no brainer that they'll have a strong presence at our first weekend-long event that brings our world to life. To celebrate this occasion, Nike is releasing an all-white pair of the SF Air Force 1 to be available first at ComplexCon.

The sneakers themselves are a combination of the classic Air Force 1 and the SFB, a boot Nike made for the special forces. When the two designs are melded together, the outcome is a shoe that can be worn in the streets or used to literally combat the elements. To get this effect, Nike kept the Air Force 1's traditional leather toe box and upper, but also added a woven fabric and guesseted tongue for extra protection from whatever life throws at you. The SF AF1 also comes with two different straps.

The SF AF1 will retail for $165 and be available at ComplexCon starting November 5.


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